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 Harry Maddox Jewellery, Katikati WBOP. Jewellery has been made by hand as metal smiths learnt how to fashion and shape metal for decorative and symbolic purposes. What is handmade ?. Handmade jewellery and wedding rings are fashioned by hand using any precious metal. Platinum, gold, or silver. Crafted from solid square or round bar, wire or flat plate. This metal is then worked; or Smithed as in goldsmith, hammered ;  wrought, drawn, rolled, bent, cut, filed, drilled, shaped and soldered together, namely fabricated, which means made from various parts joined together. The finished item of jewellery is then polished, hallmarked stamped, Gem stones are set if required into the design by a stone setter,and final finish polishing. This is a unique bespoke piece of jewellery.

If a jeweller carves a design in wax, which in some cases is the most prudent option because of the size, shape or mass of the piece being made, this is then cast, namely molten metal is poured into the shape created by the wax. This jewellery piece is then polished and hall mark stamped and any stones required are set into the finished item.  This is a unique cast piece of jewellery.                  

Handmade wedding rings are usually made from square wire which is then rolled  to the required thickness and  then bent around a mandral to the required finger size , then cut across and soldered together.This basic ring is then further rolled, filed or hammered to the required shape, hall mark stamped and textured or polished, gem stones set, thats it. This wedding ring will have a join in it. The polish may be slightly improved over a cast item due to the compressing of the metals grain.  

Another other option for making wedding rings is, to be made from a seamless washer that has cut from solid plate, which is then rolled or stamped up on to its side, creating a wedding band with no join, then sized by rolling, finished to the desired shape or profile and polished. This method creates a seamless wedding ring with no join, also with a good polish due to the compressing of the metals grain through the working process.     

Traditional jewellery is made by hand and these craftsmen were making fine pieces of jewellery using the technology available to them at that time in history, and contemporary jewellers still are making jewellery by hand using traditional methods. Along side this we now have  modern technology systems,   "Cad Cam" [Computer aided design and machining ] Wax modeling and printing, Laser welding machines, CNC  cutters ,etc .                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Jewellery designers and goldsmiths are innovative and always looking for new methods and systems to give them the competitve and design edge, allowing there creative impulses to flower.                                                                                                      

There are some very good goldsmith jewellers working in NZ, creating some fine jewellery. Please look, enquire, ask questions, and compare apples with apples.

I make very well priced women and mens wedding rings in gold and platinum for you, online.

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